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Mental Health/Holistic Nutrition/Meditation/Neurofeedback/Sound Therapy


My Hun ancestors have lived in tribes and embraced a spiritual belief system based on shamanic values. Among all members of their tribes, shamans were chosen to become the performers of ceremonies, and they were the ones invoking positive changes and healing for members of their communities as well (which was possible only with the help of a divine entity). 


I grew up in Hungary, in a family that was partially atheist and Catholic, yet I got interested in spirituality at a very early age. After reading lots of Biblical stories, Jesus became my first favorite superhero, but because I was already familiar with shamanic practices as well, I was convinced that miracles were possible to perform, especially for those who were chosen and trained to do so.

I was introduced to the idea of meditation right around the time when I started school for the first time. I got interested immediately and started to practice it based on what I heard and read about it in books. I also started to read Tarot cards at the age of 13, which remained a lifelong practice for me until today. Whereas other people use these cards for predicting the future, I've been using them in a very different way. I use the cards to better understand reality and to find answers to questions that nobody else seems to be able to answer. I use the archetypes of the cards to learn more about myself, others around me, and to analyse my relationships with others. I understood very early that these cards could be used as tools in the process of divination.


In 2006, I moved to Colorado, where I learned yoga and connected with an even more diverse spiritual community. Soon after my relocation, I found my teacher, who started me on my shamanic journeys and I started to practice sound healing with her as well. Music and sound provided a great enhancement on my spiritual journey, and in my yoga and meditation practice as well. My life has changed tremendously when I recognized spirituality as the most important catalyst in all the positive changes I have experienced throughout my life. At that moment, I understood that my calling in this life was spiritual and that my heart's desire was to help others to emerge into a new and better version of themselves.


I was downloading a lot of information from a higher consciousness when I was told that I needed to get on a path of devoting my life to others' physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. Thus, I started to focus my studies on science, and especially on nutrition and biochemistry when I realized that healing with frequencies was quite a scientific subject. That lead me to more training by local intuitive readers and energy healers, but also prompted me to get back to school to complete my degree in science. Now I am a Ph.D. candidate at Quantum University, where I am learning more about anatomy, nutrition, quantum physics and quantum biology among many other subjects related to the subject of healing.


My school encouraged me to establish a spiritual foundation for healing, which is why I decided to become an ordained minister of the Universal Brotherhood Movement, an independent and nondenominational organization of the United States.


2019 brought a lot of changes into my life, including getting married and relocating to Lafayette, Indiana, where I currently reside. I also got baptized in the name of Jesus Christ, and now I am working toward my neuro and biofeedback certificates so that I can implement everything I learned about meditation and apply it with the help of the appropriate technology designed for this purpose.


“Marta is an excellent healer, she is very friendly and respectful”


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