The Sacral Chakra 6.30.2020

Thinking back of all my dysfunctional relationships in my life reminds me of my first conversation with my #energycoach during one ☝️ of our initial sessions. She said, feeling love and feeling loved are emotions contributed to the heart 💚 chakra, whereas trust and intimacy are emotions associated with our Sacral.
The sacral #chakra is also called the 2nd chakra, for this energy center is the one located next to our first chakra (the root). Whether one’s Sacral chakra functions properly can be told by analyzing how safe and authentic one feels in his/her intimate relationships with another one.
According to New York Times best selling author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, “each energy center has its own energy frequency ... its own glands, its own hormones, its own chemistry 🧪 its own individual mini brain 🧠 and therefore its own mind” which in the case of the Sacral chakra are all related to our reproductive organs and sex hormones.
Tuning into this chakra can open up your understanding of the mistakes you’ve made in your love-relationships and help you to increase your trust in others, and especially in those that can become potential love interests in your life.
However, a higher functioning Sacral chakra will also help you to balance other relationships, for it will give you confidence to disclose as much about yourself as it is needed in order to create meaningful connections with others.

Unleash your full potential 6.29.2020

Unleashing our full potential is a process and not a magical 🧙‍♂️ moment that some people experience and some don’t.
The goal of my training program is to help you to bring into an optimal state of being and to teach you how to do it on your own. This state of being feels as though you’re operating in a wonderful flow of energy, where everything synchronistically is at the right place at the right time.
The more time you spend in this state of being aligned with this universal flow the more natural will it feel functioning from that space.
The end result is: better performance at work/school, more focus on your goals and less on your problems, less addictive and self-destructive behavior, better relationships with others around you, and an increased ability to stay healthy or to heal faster.
Side effects include but not limited to experiencing bliss and love attacks (instead of anxiety attacks) on a regular basis, and a heightened sense of intuition accompanied by an increased creative flow pouring out of you!

The Root Chakra 6.18.2020

Living a calm life is a lot like becoming a tree 🌲 🌳🌲, for repeating the recreation of mental calmness provides not only stillness but also a sense of being more connected to both our life and a biosphere, in which there are hopefulness and a brighter outlook to life.
“Anxiety is a sign of our inability to stay in the present moment,” they say. Yet, even if it’s true, staying in the here and now 💯 % is more difficult than what it might seem at first.
Yet, with the help of balancing our energetic self, we can create a sense of contentment with whatever we are presented in our life, for with practice we can reduce our resistance to accept what it is.
The root chakra can be tuned by sitting 🧘🏻‍♀️ in a simple cross-legged position on the floor or on a chair 🪑 with a straight back, and/or by standing on the ground and focusing on bringing energy up from the ground through the root chakra (located at the bottom of the spine).
The regular practice of meditation 🧘🏿‍♂️ and these exercises above ☝️strengthened my connection to my life and manifested new relationships that pushed me away from holding the perception of my own limits.
Strengthening this chakra can help you too not only to balance your health or finances, but also to live a more peaceful life, in which your desires will charge you to move towards your goals with ease while pulling you out of stress and worry and guiding you into a state of mind that’s focused on health, wealth, and joy at the same time.

Be Careful What You Manifest! 6.7.2020

The corona virus and the social disturbance caused by current events have created a mental health crisis, and now is our time to step outside of our comfort zone, and share every little thing we learned over the years about mental conditions, disease and how we healed from them or working on them.


Besides the usual topics of my posts (including hacks and facts on daily health with meditation, exercise and proper nutrition), I have to speak more of the importance of a proper spiritual life as the missing link one needs in a fight against mental anguish.


As a health coach, I am committed to help everyone, even those who need help but lack financials. Therefore, I can take anyone who reads this message, and feels being in desperate need for a change in the quality of their life.


However, there is one thing that either one of you can do and should start to think about, for you need absolutely nothing to follow this regimen. That is that the power of the mind is magnified by not only your spirit but a collective consciousness as well, and therefore many aspects of the battles we are in right now are more relevant to a spiritual realm than a physical.


What this means, is that if one knows how to spiritually uplift him/herself, then he/she knows how to get out of despair, even when there’s no one else to help him/her. Having said that, a regular daily spiritual practice increases not only your spirit but it increases the vibrations of your thoughts and emotions, and therefore it, sort of, clears the way for your physical being in the physical world by aligning you with creation itself, which inevitably leads to better relationships with your human fellows.


That is why we can hear so many people, who dealt with debilitating mental conditions, saying that they couldn’t have done it without faith. Me EITHER! The spirit world feels more real, less chaotic, more supportive and more beneficial in improving my life than anything else I can get from the physical world. Words of wisdom and technical knowledge of ancient scriptures are the very things that heal my soul and the mind at the same time. These two things were enough for so many others in our history to say focused and effective as well, and there are so many of us who got nothing else but this at the moment.


Don’t be afraid! Don’t be discouraged or mad! All of these emotions are your personal enemies in the spirit, for they destroy your mind and physical body if you let them rule you. As a friend I ask you to consider this over and over, when you are in that dark cave, all alone again.


I’ve been there, and I know that there is a solution to every situation,  but you need to be able to reach out your hand and ask for help FROM the right place with the right intention. So, be careful what you pray for!

Healing From Health Care and Poorly Trained Practitioners

All of us have experienced traumas in life, and unfortunately, many times this has happened due to our relationship with another one.


As you could read it on the ‘Services’ page of this website, I am a holistic wellness coach, and my goal is to change your life by improving your mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being all at once, by improving how you perceive and live your life.


I grew up in an environment that can be defined as supported by conventional western medicine, and the over prescriptions of antibiotics in my childhood created changes in how my brain is wired. The effect of pharmaceuticals on my digestive system and their effect on my brain development were supposed to have detrimental consequences to my health for the rest of my life.


In a way they had, for my chronic health issues starting in my adolescence made me interested in other therapeutic methods than what I was already getting from different doctors in Europe. I have not found a medical doctor whom I fully trusted until I moved to the United States. In Denver, CO I found a physician, who supported any modalities I ever suggested to her, and she also offered acupuncture in her office as well as daily prayers, exercise routine ideas and suggestions for dietary changes.


I started to heal at an incredible speed. However, based on my studies as a health coach, now I know that we all need to heal from traumas (whether emotional, mental or physical) and the best way to do this is with the help of someone else, who will guide and encourage us to stay on the right path.


I needed to heal from digestive and endocrine issues, which I have done while I also started to be able to minimalize my migraine symptoms to the point where they barely exist anymore. Yet, my work here doesn’t entail much healing the physical symptoms of anybody at all. I am rather here to coach my clients how to manage or diminish their symptoms on their own with the help of a corrective emotional experience, which comes from their relationship with me.


Besides of being disappointed many times in the doctors of western medicine, I also had traumatic experiences during my attempts to improve my life with multiple psychologists. This was the point in my life, where I started to understand the significance of the therapeutic alliance which happens (or does not) between two humans, when a healer and healee come together with one common goal in mind.


Doctors in the United States spend an average of 9 minutes with all their patients. My job, as a coach, is to offer you the attention that your body, mind, soul and spirit deserves, and to guide you on your own journey of healing or health. By giving a few extra minutes/week to what you already do for your health, you can upgrade your life not only by feeling better but by optimizing your performance at work/school and in your relationships with others as well as yourself.

Perception & Conditioning 4.27.2020

The human bioenergetic system is as complex as human beings are. To understand how the human body works requires us to realize that there are subtle energies of the body that we cannot see or measure, and sometimes not even with the help of our most advanced technological devices.


Why does this matter? Because our understanding of a subject will influence how we interpret information regarding the same subject.  Also, how we interpret information coming from both internal and external sources changes not only how we will feel about that subject but also what events will manifest in our existence, and this particular case in our body!


Am I going to be happy and healthy or grumpy and sick all the time? It depends on how much I understand how my mind and my body works. Simple, right? Well, not exactly … Your cultural background, ethnicity, religion, gender, and age are all factors that influence the type of information planted in your subconscious mind. This previous conditioning of your mind influences how you interpret signs, sensations, and energies. With another world, it shapes your perception of reality. 


This is why for a greater understanding we have to get beyond who we are…I’m sure you heard one of the very famous quotes of Albert Einstein: “We can’t solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them.” And although I am sure some of you are thinking right now: “My problems are not made up by anyone, and especially not by me!” let me share the good news with you: Even if you did create them, changing who you are can solve all of your issues!

On Neutrality & Whether or not too neutral is the way to go (?) 4.13.2019

One of my main goals nowadays is to practice neutrality, and I’ve been getting some great help from my husband in regards to this matter. I’ve been living my life based on my intuition for quite many years now, and I’m aware of that some might think I am strange because of how this process shapes my personality. It’s okay and it is well with my soul. My decision of living this way come from a deeper place than where the main decisions of most others derive from. I believe living this way is an important condition of a profoundly spiritual life, which I chose for myself to experience in order to see the potential of life to its fullest extent. I believe we are here to learn, and therefore, I inevitably see both rising and especially falling as the most educational moments of one’s life.


I learned very early in life not to care about what others think of me, and back then I decided this was the right approach for good. I thought of not being concerned with others’ opinions as the prerequisite for the most carefree and grateful way of existing as a human. What I just realized though is that sometimes not caring about what certain things mean equals to running away from one's own feelings. What I mean by this is this: both light and dark are part of who we are and what we experience here on our earth, hence both dark and light are essential parts of our dualistic existence. What I learned from yoga, meditation and practicing kindness to myself in the last than ten years is that we should never run away from pain, death and everything we are so profoundly afraid of.


What most people do when they "run away" from themselves is that they "check out", as I like to call this habitual approach of us as perhaps "having another beer and eating another banana muffin" (as Brené Brown said in one of her Ted Talks) would brilliantly described it. Bringing awareness to everyday existence has become such an increasingly popular approach in psychology because of its healing effect on those spending more than 80% of their days in an emotion-driven and induced world lacking means to deal with pain and suffering. When we’re not in love with ourselves, we are not in peace with life.


There are many things about myself I have never liked, and the easiest way to handle them was not to care about them. It was the same with some of my old friends as well in my past, when they disappointed me I escaped from them. But re-evaluating my emotions, and allowing myself to reattach new meanings to them and to my past memories allowed me to promote neuroplasticity in my very brain, which is the store-house of my past experiences, and the catalyst of my current lifestyle and commonly occurring emotions.


Meditation has been my way to reinvent myself on a regular basis, so that I can stay on the path of regularly increasing my potential of serving my environment with reeducating my personality about who it is that I really want to be in this world.

The Significance of Quantum Mechanics in Our Mental, Emotional and Physical Health 6.20.2018

Quantum physics offers a brand-new way of describing consciousness as our understanding or our personal experience in the universe. According to popular scientist, Dr. Joe Dispenza, consciousness is like the very "fabric of our experience" on this planet. The theory of quantum mechanics revolutionizes how we understand the physical and chemical processes of everyday objects, such as our brain or the human mind. Therefore, it profoundly changes how we perceive anything, and it offers a new way to explain why and how our thoughts and emotions influence our physiology so profoundly. It does it elegantly, in such a way that reveals to enthusiasts why and how new scientific findings of neurology and bioenergetic systems can explain the possibility of events such as spontaneous healing, or how to slower or faster time within the ageing processes of individual human beings.