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Sound Healing can be done in your home or at virtually any type of events. The healing is designed specifically to the person or audience receiving it. Marta works both alone and in collaboration with musicians to achieve the desired effect. She plays both live and prerecorded frequencies based on her clients' needs. Sound healing is a highly effective tool in dealing with a very wide range of issues starting from stress, insomnia, anxiety, high blood pressure, releasing negative thought patterns or emotions. The person receiving sound healing usually feels calmer, heals faster and sleeps better after treatment. 

1 hour  /   $150

Sound Healing



Most services are available remotely over the phone or video chat

Intuitive Readings

1 hour  /   $60

Readings are done by tuning into your energy in order to provide you with the information you need to receive. Marta can read your energy from afar or in person, and the results should be the same. It is always appreciated if you have questions that you want to discuss, but readings can also help you to discover more about the type of questions you should ask yourself during your meditation & quiet time when you are alone. Marta uses a wide range of tools for her readings from Shamanic journeys, Tarot & Oracle cards as well as her psychic vision. Readings are done privately and can be typed into emails or sent by audio recordings, depending on your preference.


Crystal Therapy

Everything is vibration, including your aura, your respiration, your organs and the chemical bonds created among the molecules of rocks. Crystals have been known for their healing properties for thousands of years, but this has been forgotten by today. Crystals can be used for deepening your meditation and aiding in entering the spirit realm as well as rebalance your chakras or empower your prayers and manifestation skills.


Mala is the name for the Tibetan prayer beads that contain 108 beads and traditionally a Guru bead that would accent the necklace and recalibrate the user's intention during meditation/prayer. Certain numbered beads have a significance to their position, and each necklace is embellished with a handmade tassel at its "end."


We use genuine crystals and hand craft each of these pieces of jewelry with a knot in between each bead. The custom-made pieces come with a free energy/chakra reading & report. The cost of each Mala depends on the cost of the crystals used in them, but the custom-made goods start at $125+ shipping. For more information please contact us at marta@thevibetherapist.com

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