Read what some of my satisfied clients have said about my services

Marta-Fruzsina is an excellent coach, who is highly trained and highly knowledgeable about what she is doing. She is very friendly and respectful. She will explain everything she does, so all you have to do is ask your question! I highly recommend her!

Daniel Y., 55

I had scheduled an appointment with Fruzsina in her sound healing chair, but had an accident and was hospitalized for a month and had three major surgeries all while my life weighed in the balance. Fruzsina came to the hospital, I believe within a week and performed some amazing chakra work which lit a fire inside me and my healing began an impressive speed...She is such a miraculous healer!

David C., 45

She has been one of the most helpful healers I have come across in my life. It is truly a blessing that I met her, I am so grateful! 
She listens to you clearly with a non-judgmental ear and always suggests great meditation, writing, and life techniques to help you overcome traumas, and reach your goals. 
I use her sound chair the most and find her sound baths the most healing as I struggle with high anxiety and PTSD. These journeys with mediation/sound/and vibration help to replace my traumatic memories with new bright memories. They also help me revisit what has been bothering me from my past and show me new ways of overcoming them in the future. 
Fruzsina gives complimentary intro sessions and I really recommend this for everyone to try at least a few times and see if it works for them. An extremely transformational experience.

Jessica C., 26